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うそつき | via Tumblr on We Heart It -


うそつき | via Tumblr on We Heart It -

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Satsuki Shishio || Hirunaka no Ryuusei

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Satsuki Shishio ~ Hirunaka no Ryuusei. 

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Kyoto | Kobe | Nagoya | Osaka | Japan

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Matsujun introducing himself with the use of sign language.

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from TV Guide Person vol.11

TVP: - These 5 years, to a degree that it can’t be compared to before, I however think the flow of time became fast, and crowded. have you personally been able to attain balance?

Jun: - The pace of work did become like that but, on the contrary lately I think within me the flow of time has become more calm. Being hectic has, should I say, become ordinary and I was able to accept it as well. I became able to switch(on and off) too. Today’s interview even; I deal with it in a really comfortable mood. of course, I am doing it properly(laughs).

TVP: - I can say this now but,there was a time that the Jun-kun from when you did “Gokusen” was honestly scary.

Jun: - I was reeeally touchy…(laughs)?

TVP: - When you came for an interview there were days when it was “He’s still Sawada!”(laughs)

Jun: - oh my(laughs). at any rate, at that time I didn’t have room for myself. wasn’t it because I was still in my late teens and didn’t have any skills either? I did “Kindaichi” and then “Gokusen“‘s Sawada. In movies I did Bon in “Pikanchi LIFE IS HARD dakedo HAPPY”…

TVP: - Because you periodically played big roles in succession, was switching(on and off) hard?

Jun: - Yes. When filming “Gokusen” too, I was just nothing but tense, I really really want to apologize to the staff(laughs). When facing the role of the delinquent Sawada, becoming Sawada myself was for the “me” back then the only way I could [play him]. if I wasn’t like that,then I couldn’t be on [the filming] location and I wasn’t looking at my surroundings either. Within me there was the feeling that it couldn’t be helped if my blood was going around. [T/N: I thiiiiink he means that it couldn’t be helped that he was easily irritable?] I was in a continuous state of always being “switched on”. I thought that if I came out of the role, I wouldn’t be able to go back to it. I think the me who was frightened, allowed for that to happen.

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Episode 86: Zoldyck Killua

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