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Will always be the perfect Momo to me <3

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"JUN STYLE is going to end by the end of this September.
We have been talking about this since the beginning of the year; I’ve been blessed to be able to experience so many things with this radio stations for 9 years, but I wanted to take a deep breathe for a while and think about some stuff with myself.
I asked the staff and they kindly accepted my request by telling me that it is my free will, since this is my radio station.
They even said it’s just like me, wanting to think over about things at this timing.
So after all the discussions we’ve decided to reset, this autumn.
I’ve been reading every single mail I get before recording.
By getting tons of different mails, I was able to concentrate in this work.
Thank you very much.
I know that this is just my selfishness, but because this is my own radio station, I wanted to take a break.
If there is a time when we can work together again,
I will like to bring my voice through the radio.
I’ll enjoy the last recording on 9/24 my own way.
Thank you."
松本 潤 - (Junstyle 2011.03.09) important announcement (via ichigopinku)
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